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Our Programmes

Communities and Coasts Programme

This programme focuses on promoting self-reliance of coastal communities to secure their quality of life through sustainable and integrated resource management. The core of the FSPI Communities and Coasts Programme is on building the traditional capacity and knowledge of coastal communities to manage coastal resources in combination with new knowledge and institutions. In addressing coastal resource management in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, FSPI and the local partners Foundation for the Peoples of the South pacific Vanuatu (FSPV) and Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) recognize the need to integrate good governance and a livelihoods approach through:

  • ensuring that the natural resource management or biodiversity conservation efforts have community livelihoods priorities as identified by themselves as a driving force,
  • emphasis on governance linkages between communities, provincial and national government and regional organizations (e.g. Locally Managed Marine Area Network [LMMA], Secretariat for the Pacific Community [SPC], University of the South Pacific [USP], Secretariat for the Regional Environment Programme [SPREP]) to ensure sharing of lessons and impact on policy and work plans.

The FSPI Communities and Coasts Programme works with the network partners to deliver the programme and build their long term capacity through 3 strategic action areas:

  • Capacity building - provides training to network partners, Government, NGO's and Communities in participatory governance processes to develop methods for improved coastal management, and sustainable livelihoods. Several project communities have developed and implemented community based coastal management plans/strategies through participatory processes.
  • Research and development- The Community and Coasts Programme works to promote research on the technical and socioeconomic aspects of Pacific Island coastal resource use and to develop training awareness raising materials that are appropriate and accessible to communities.
  • Policy Development and Advocacy-Programme facilitates and coordinates the concerns of affiliates to ensure that community issues are reflected at the national, regional and international level. It also focuses on enhancing environmental governance skills to enable communities to interact more effectively with government.