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Our Programmes

Regional Governance Programme

The Governance Programme responds to the important and growing need to address governance issues by adopting inclusive approaches that encourage participatory methodologies in general, and the participation of often small, economically and geographically disadvantaged groups, in particular. The programme recognizes that governance is something that people live day to day in community. Good Governance and development are viewed in this context as two sides of the same coin. Development produces sustainable improvements in people’s standards of living while governance encompasses the knowledge, discussions and decisions that lie behind the sea wall or the well or the new community governance centre.

Areas of Work

With its vision: “Empowered Pacific peoples living in safe, healthy and inclusive communities, working equitably with each other, Government and Civil Society towards shared priorities”, the Programme, in partnership with seven of our network partners, FSPK (Kiribati), FSPV (Vanuatu), OLSSI (Samoa), PCDF (Fiji), SIDT (Solomons), TANGO (Tuvalu) and TCDT (Tonga), focuses its efforts in three major areas.

  • Empowerment: We work with communities to facilitate a process of empowerment through participatory assessment, planning and capacity building
  • Empathy: We work also with government as an important partner to encourage empathy both for the work of Civil Society and the priorities of our communities. The strengthening of working relationships between government and civil society forms a key focus of the programme
  • Engagement: We work to facilitate effective and constructive engagement between empowered communities aware of their priorities, capabilities, rights and with an understanding of policy process and limitations; and enlightened governments committed to work with communities to increase the understanding and relevance of their policies.