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Our Programmes

Mental Health Project

The Governance Programme responds to the important and growing need to address governance issues by adopting inclusive approaches that encourage participatory methodologies in general, and the participation of often small, economically and geographically disadvantaged groups, in particular. The programme recognizes that governance is something that people live day to day in community. Good Governance and development are viewed in this context as two sides of the same coin. Development produces sustainable improvements in people’s standards of living while governance encompasses the knowledge, discussions and decisions that lie behind the sea wall or the well or the new community governance centre.

These two objectives have been divided into four components:
  • Awareness, Education and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Research
  • Promotions
  • Advocacy
The Goal of the Youth and Mental Health (YMH) Project is:
  • Improved mental health of Pacific youth.
Key Objectives:
  • To increase the awareness level among target groups to effectively identify and address youth mental health issues and to access appropriate services to meet their mental health needs
  • To improve the development of youth focused evidence based research and information to guide decisions of policy makers and service providers to improve and develop appropriate gender sensitive youth friendly services.
  • To improve the development of quality YMH promotion materials in order to facilitate informed choice and the coping ability of people to deal with mental health problems through increased access to community support and mental health services.
  • To increase support for mental health networks across the region to adopt a multisectoral approach to mental health policy development to provide accessible and appropriate youth friendly services
  • To efficiently and effectively coordinate and implement the Youth and Mental Health Project in order to improve mental health of youth in the Pacific youth.
Expected Key Results Include:
  • Improved coping capacity and awareness on mental health problems among people in general (youth in particular).
  • More supportive environments for youth and community members and stakeholders in project communities and countries.
  • Quality information, policy and legislation to enable national and regional service providers to better meet and understand the gender specific needs of at risk youth.
  • An active mental health support network of service providers in the region.